Proudly supporting the Second Amendment, Military, and Law Enforcement!

About Us

We are a veteran owned business, established in 1996 located in North Texas.   

Our Master Handloader has over 30 years of experience. 

We are passionate about reloading and have a 100% customer satisfaction 5-Star Rating. Recently recognized as "The Best of 2019"  Small Business in Rhome, Texas.

We load for target shooters, hunters, long range competitions, Military, Law Enforcement, beginners and experienced shooters alike.  

We follow established manufacturers load data and never exceed maximum loads. Our inventory of components is vast. We only use brand name components and will not be undersold. 

Each product is given a thorough quality control inspection ensuring the best quality ammunition. Orders are days old unlike store bought ammo sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf for months.

We will help you develop your optimum load. Most load development is done by ladder testing. This allows YOU to find the best load for your rifle.  

We reveal all load specifications to customers. We believe the customer needs to know exactly what components are used, such as powder, brass, primer, bullet, and cartridge overall length. 

We do not cut corners and safety is always first. 


Ordering Process

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1 - Contact us via email, text, or cell and tell us what you want reloaded. We need to know type of rifle, handgun, twist rate, COL, and application (hunting, long range, target, varmint, etc). There is never a stupid question.  


Step 2 - Send us what you have at the address on our contact page. If you have nothing to send, no problem, we will obtain all components. 

Step 3 - We will inspect your components to find what is serviceable then discuss the best load development for your particular application. If you have a pet load, no problem, we will duplicate it. Our Master Handloader will keep you informed during the entire process.

Our products are guaranteed to be days old, packaged in tamper and shock proof packaging. This ensures our customers are getting the best ammunition straight from the loading press to you. No one can offer that guarantee! 

We normally exceed our time limits but in case of heavy production, below is a generic timeline. 

20 - 100 rounds 1 days

100 - 250 rounds 2 days

250 - 500 rounds 5 days

500 + 7 days

*Quotes - Are only good for 48 hours. 

* Returns cannot be accepted.

* Disclaimer notification.

* You musty be 18yrs or older to purchase ammunition.

Reloading 101

What is "Bullet Seating Depth?"

  • Just as the term describes, the length of a bullet seated inside the cartridge case. This will  determine your Over All Length (OAL) or Cartridge Overall Length (COL). All load data will give a specific OAL for the Reloader to go by when loading different calibers. These are always listed by the manufacturers bullet type. For example: the cartridge to the right is a 357 Magnum round with an OAL of 1.590". We measure this with a caliper to ensure proper length from the cartridge head to the top of the bullet.

Interested in reloading? Ask our Master Handloader all the questions you want. There is never a stupid question.


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